LED Gym Lighting

Impact Resistant LED Gym Lighting – High Bays & High Lumen Troffers

Durable, impact-resistant, LED Gym High Bays and High Lumen Troffers for gyms and sports installations. High lumen options available in multiple configurations. All fixtures are Made in the USA and are BAA Compliant.


Ideal for gyms, multi-purpose rooms, work out facilities, recreational areas, hockey arenas or any sports installation.

Key Benefits of Linear LED Gym Lighting

  • 60% to 70% energy savings over outdated HID and fluorescent lighting
  • Rated life of 100,000 hours greatly reduces maintenance costs
  • Even light distribution and high CRI for better visual acuity for during play
  • Control options include occupancy sensors, dimming and daylight harvesting
  • Durable housings with impact resistant lenses and wire cages

Energy Savings

1st Source LED Gym Lighting delivers 60% to 70% energy savings over outdated HID and fluorescent systems. LED lighting emits less heat into the environment to further reduce the load on air conditioning systems. Immediate re-strike also requires no warm up period versus HID fixtures which begin to draw power before emitting light. Add dimming, occupancy sensors or daylight harvesting for extended savings. 


With a rated of life of 100,000 hours, our LED Gym Lighting will dramatically reduce maintenance costs associated with bulb and ballast replacement. Gymnasiums and recreational facilities typically require more fixtures than warehouses to achieve even distribution and desired light levels. Converting to LED Gym Lighting eliminates constant maintenance on multiple fixtures in higher, hard to reach areas. 


Linear LED Gym Lighting combines better light spread for maximum distribution and higher lumen per watt for increased energy savings. It typically requires fewer fixtures to achieve desired light levels versus UFO or T-LED tube high bays. 1st Source Gym High Bays and High Lumen Troffers are constructed with high quality LED components and vented aluminum housings for maximum heat dissipation and long service life. High CRI provides better visual acuity during play. Diffused lenses are recommended to minimize or eliminate glare from LED’s.


Quality LED Gym Lighting should be built to withstand high velocity impact from basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls and direct hits from hockey pucks. 1st Source LED Gym High Bays are constructed with a 0.40 aluminum and come standard with an 11 gauge powder coated steel wire cage. Our High Lumen LED Gym Troffers have the same aluminum construction with a high impact D92 poly-carbonate lens. Every fixture is bench tested prior to shipping and  backed by a 5 year product warranty. 

Dimming and Controls

All of our LED Gym Lighting Fixtures are low voltage and/or line voltage capable. Fixtures may be prepared with dimming leads to run low voltage wiring to a dimmer switch or may be specified with line voltage dimming. Integral control sensors may be added to the fixture to control on/off for occupancy or configure desired dimming levels. Fixtures may also be controlled for on/off with a room ceiling or wall sensor located preferably near the entrance. 1st source also offers wireless systems for control via remote, PC or mobile device.


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