LED Cold Storage Lighting

LED Cold Storage Lighting for Industrial Cold and Freezer Applications

LED Cold Storage Lighting for dependable performance in extreme environments. Increase productivity with significant energy savings and lower maintenance costs. All fixtures are made in the USA and are BAA Compliant.


Cold and freezer storage for distribution, manufacturing, production, pharmaceutical and food processing.

Key Benefits of Linear LED Cold Storage Lighting

  • 60% to 70% energy savings over outdated HID and fluorescent light sources
  • Rated life of 100,000 hours greatly reduces maintenance costs
  • Even light distribution and high CRI for better visual acuity and worker safety
  • Control options include occupancy sensors and dimming
  • Dependable performance in cold and damp environments

Energy Savings

1st Source LED Cold Storage Lighting delivers 60% to 70% energy savings over outdated HID and fluorescent systems. LED also emits less heat into the environment for reduced load on refrigeration systems. Immediate re-strike requires no warm up period versus outdated HID fixtures which begin to draw power before emitting light. Add dimming and occupancy sensors for extended savings.


1st Source LED Cold Storage Lighting is engineered for peak performance in temperatures down to -30 degrees F. Cold ambient or blown air can wreak havoc on unrated or unprotected components causing reduced lumen output, flickering, and ultimately premature outages. Considerations for fluorescent and HID lighting are now outdated due to poor performance, short life span and high energy consumption. LED technology is now widely recognized as the best option for cold storage applications.


1st Source LED Cold Storage Lighting will dramatically reduce maintenance costs associated with bulb and ballast replacement. A 100,000 hour rated life ensures lower maintenance and fewer component swap outs. Converting to Linear LED lighting eliminates constant fixture maintenance in higher locations or hard to reach areas.


Sub-zero temperatures can cause severe issues with poorly designed light fixtures. Especially if they are not engineered for cold or freezer applications. With over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience, 1st Source Cold Storage Lighting is be built for dependable start up and optimal performance over the life of the fixture. Every fixture is bench tested prior to shipping and backed by a 5 year product warranty.

Dimming and Controls

All of our LED Cold Storage Lighting fixtures are low voltage and/or line voltage capable. Fixtures may be prepared with dimming leads to run low voltage wiring to a dimmer switch or may be specified with line voltage dimming. Integral control sensors may be added to the fixture to control on/off for occupancy or configure desired dimming levels. Fixtures may also be controlled for on/off with a room ceiling or wall sensor located preferably near the entrance. 1st source also offers wireless systems for control via remote, PC or mobile device.


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