Sensor Switch CMRB 6 Fixture Mount Sensor


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Model # CMRB 6

Line Voltage 120-277v

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Sensor Switch CMRB 6 Fixture Mount Sensor: The CMRB 6  Standard Range Occupancy Sensor mounts directly to the end of a fixture and utilizes the industry’s leading passive infrared (PIR) technology to provide amazing sensitivity to small motions and excellent payback. The sensor is line powered and can switch loads directly without the need for a power pack.

A CMRB 9 is typically installed on each fixture when used in long corridors with concrete ceilings and pendant or surface fixtures spaced 10 to 20 feet apart. This approach maximizes energy savings and may be more cost effective than running low voltage wiring. When mounting above 15 feet, the CMRB 6 Series is a better option than the CMRB 9. When mounting below 8 feet or for greater radial coverage, the CMRB 10 Series should be alternatively considered. Additionally, for areas with obstructions the CMRB PDT 9 is recommended.


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