Advance IUV-2S36-M2-LD UV Germicidal Ballast


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Model # IUV-2S36-M2-LD


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Advance IUV-2S36-M2-LD UV Germicidal Ballast. Signify Advance PureVOLT™ ballasts and germicidal lamps helps stop the spread of microorganisms. These ballasts are specifically designed to operate a variety of germicidal lamps including; high-output 35W, 60W and 95W twin tube lamps, 75W or 145W T5HO linear lamps and standard output TUV 18 PL-L or 36 PL-L. The ballast is ideal for use, where various HVAC systems are operated. 120-277 volt, programmed start.





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No Wire Harness, Add 4-Pin Wire Harness ($2.00)


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