“1st Source induction fixtures have become a staple of our exterior marine-climate installations, from Seattle to Honolulu. From their energy and lumen performance to the high fixture quality standards, we find 1st Source to be an unparalleled value in the lighting industry. Warranty issues, infrequently encountered, are also taken care of with absolute customer satisfaction in mind. 1st source is a stand-out manufacturer we can depend on.”

– David Struck, CEM, Sain Engineering

“Two years ago the the City of Martinsburg, WV upgraded our city lighting to more efficient lighting equipment. Since then we have used 1st Source Lighting for our equipment needs. They have a knowledgeable staff that knows what products and equipment our City needs. They know the type of equipment we have installed so they know if we are ordering the proper equipment each time we order. 1st Source Lighting has a remarkable staff that I would give an A+ to in custumer service and support. I would definitely recommend 1st Source Lighting to other municipalities and companies for their lighting equipment needs.” 

Jeff Wilkerson, Public Works Director, City of Martinsburg, WV

“I manage a “can-do” lighting retrofit company that is always looking for the optimal solution to lighting and energy consumption problems. There are hundreds of lighting manufacturers who can deliver cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions. But in my experience, only 1st Source is capable of and willing to deliver custom engineered solutions that serve both the contractor’s and the customer’s needs best. We don’t walk away from problems. 1st Source has always been there to help us deliver the elegant solution. When a university performing arts playhouse needed fixtures outfitted with pipe-clamp mounting capability and a special cord and plug configuration, 1st Source provided them. Many aging stage hands gratefully stated that it was the first time in decades that they could actually see what they were working on. At the same time energy use and lighting maintenance were reduced by more than 75%.” 

Don Link, President, Controlled Energy

“The key to induction lighting is the product itself and the relationship with your vendor/manufacturer. My experience with 1st Source has been very pleasant. They have stood by their product and any issues have been dealt with immediately. The combination of 1st Source Lighting and Sylvania Icetron induction have produced fantastic results in improved lighting quality, energy efficiency, and reduced overall lighting maintenance.” 

James Hedin, Senior Engineer, DOE WIPP Site

“My customers light their -40*F blast tunnels with the UISF induction fixture and love the results. 1st Source gives me great customer service, and the fixtures are made in America! What more can I ask for?” 

– Eric Bjork, Stusser Electric, Seattle WA

“Your products are among the most solid lighting products I’ve ever seen. We’ve been using them throughout the majority of our 230,000+ square foot production facility since 2004 with virtually no fixture problems. Thanks for making such a well engineered product.” 

Greg Gehrke, Trident Seafoods

“Thanks for all your help, and just a quick note to let you know that Hampton Tedder has installed other brands and your is a very superior product and your Motion Sensor is really a nice unit and together your fixture is a truly nicer looking installation. I look forward to using your product again as I feel Hampton Tedder has found the fixture we will be using exclusively.” 

Craig Ladnier, Service Manager, Hampton Tedder Electric