Sensor Switch SBR 10 2P Sensor


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Model # SBR 10 2P

Extended Range Small Box Mount Sensor

Line Voltage 120-277v

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50 in stock



Sensor Switch SBR 10 2P Sensor: With two self-contained relays, corridors with A/B switching are ideal for the SBR 10 2P Series occupancy sensor. At a 9 ft height, this sensor views 24 to 28 ft in all directions. This sensor recess mounts into a 2.65” (6.73 cm) square opening in a fixture and is perfect for classrooms, private offices, or large rest room applications.

The Small Box (SB) Series utilizes an enclosure that can be internally mounted in lighting fixtures. SB series sensors can accommodate several lens types, utilize passive infrared (PIR) or dual technology (PDT) detection, and be low or line voltage (single or 2-pole).

100% digital PIR retection-excellent RF immunity, 2 self-contained relays-no power packs needed, no minimum load requirements, interchangeable hot & load wires-impossible to wire in reverse, push-button programmable, adjustable time delays, no field calibration or sensitivity adjustments required, convenient test mode, total lamp on time (in khrs).


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