Sensor Switch CMR-6 Ceiling Mount Sensor


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Model # CMR-6

Line Voltage 120-277v

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Sensor Switch CMR-6 Ceiling Mount Line Voltage Sensor: The CMR Series Ceiling Mount Line Voltage Sensors are line voltage sensors that easily mount directly to a ceiling. Ceiling mount sensors are offered in a multitude of configurations which address many applications. Lens options include large motion extended range, small motion standard range and bi-directional for hallways.

These sensors are capable of covering an entire private office or small room by themselves.A line voltage sensor provides one relay for a single-level control, while the 2-pole version provides a second relay for an additional level of control. For rooms with obstructions, these sensors are also offered with dual technology, which adds Microphonics™ detection to the passive infrared (PIR) detection.

PIR occupancy detection, 360° coverage, self-contained relay (no power pack needed), time delay: 30 sec to 20 min, no minimum load requirements, push-button programmable green LED indicator, 100-hour lamp burn-in timer mode, line voltage 120-277-347v, dual technology Microphonic detection.


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