Excalibur Mini LED Series


45w to 82w

Supplemental LED Grow Light for a variety of applications. Greenhouses, indoor commercial facilities, home growers, etc.

Options for different color temperatures from Horticulture, 3000k, and 5000k. Offered standard with dimming knob and reflector option for higher light concentrations.

(PDF) Excalibur Series Specification Sheet

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Excalibur Mini LED Series Product Features

  • Perfect for supplemental, germination or vegetative state
  • Premium Samsung LEDs
  • Premium Osram drivers
  • Passively cooled design
  • Remote driver mounting capabilities
  • High efficacy white light spectrum
  • Replaceable, interchangeable, repairable construction
  • Stand-alone dimmer knob with integrated power switch
  • Robust aluminum construction
  • Properly heatsinked LEDs 
  • Universal power supply (110v, 120v, 240v, 277v)
  • 5-year warranty
  • Incredible Watt per $ and PPF per $

Electrical Specifications

Power Draw 45w or 82w
T5HO Replacement 130w (45w Mini) to 238w (4ft Mini)
Spectrum 301B, 301H, 351H diodes in various combinations to provide specific spectrums
PAR efficacy PAR eff. is based on each spectrum, varying from 2.5 to 3.0+ Umol/J
PPF Spectrum dependant (2.6 to 3.0+ Umol/J)
Coverage Area Supplemental flower and 3′ x 2′ (45w) 5′ x 2′ (82w) Veg
Lifetime 75,000+ Hours
Driver Osram Drivers
Cables 6-foot industrial-grade SEEO Cord (Standard)
Plug 5-15P Standard Other NEMA Plugs are available
Dimming Yes, down to 1% of max output with a dimmer knob or dim to off with Casambi wireless system
Hanger Multi-position built-in hanging system for 360* mounting capability
Warranty 5 year
Grams per watt 1.81 g/w (Expected)
Yield 82 to 148 Grams
Voltage AC 120V~277V
Amp draw (45w) 110V – .41A / 240V – .19A  (82w) 110V – .75A / 240V – .34A
BTU (45w) 153 (82w) 280
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Excalibur Mini LED Series Product Description

The Excalibur Mini LED series by Grow-it-LED features the Samsung L2 Horticulture board with 30k and 50k 301b options. The current standard offering utilizes special horticulture-based LED that is conformally coated for increased environmental protection. The spectrum offers a high umol/J while providing a high amount of full-spectrum light with peaks in red and blue. At 45w from the wall, the Excalibur Mini supplemental LED grow light is perfect for flower lighting, seedling and veg lighting, and greenhouse veg/supplemental lighting. This fixture utilizes our in-house manufactured aluminum passive heatsink, Osram OTi series driver, standard dimming offering down to 1%, built-in power switch and dimming control, this fixture is designed for many different applications and are built to last.

The Excalibur Mini is designed to run without any fans and will maintain the proper temperature for long service life. 50,000 to 75,000h should be expected from this fixture.

We have designed this fixture to operate in a lot of different mounting positions. By using the fixture’s many mounting points, it can be angled so that the plant receives adequate light ensuring proper plant growth in many applications. Mount directly over your veg plants or act as supplemental lighting in your flowering area.

Wireless Casambi control is available for this product along with the Cool Cob Series, Aegis Series, and the Excalibur King Series.

The 45w and 82w Excalibur Mini is plug and plays out of the box, no assembly is required.


The Excalibur Mini offers a few options for the spectrum. Horticulture L2 Board, 3000k and 5000k.

Horticulture L2 Board:

Spectrum ReadingsSupplemental LED grow light Spectrum image

3000K Full Spectrum:

3000k Spectrum graph

5000k Full Spectrum:

5000k Spectrum graph

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Housing Color

Red, Black


3000k, 5000k, Horticulture Spectrum


Yes ($11 for 2ft, $22 for 4ft), No


2ft (45w), 4ft (82w)


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