1st Source LED racquetball court lights have a rated life of 100,000 hours while offering dramatic energy savings, lower maintenance, and higher efficiency over fluorescent and HID. All fixtures are Made in the USA and BAA Compliant. 1st Source Lighting is Woman Owned and SBE certified.

Housing Sizes and Lumen Packages

We offer 1×4, 2×2 and 2×4 LED fixtures for courts with recessed hard ceilings. Typically, (6) fixtures are required per 40'x 20'x 20' racquetball court. The same fixture count is ideal for dedicated squash courts (32'x 21'x 18'). Lumen offerings include 12,000 nominal lumens for residential and recreational courts, 17,000 nominal lumens for club and competition play and 19,000 nominal lumens for professional competition play (video).

Dimming and Control Capability

All of our racquetball court fixtures are low voltage and/or line voltage capable. Fixtures may be prepared with dimming leads to run low voltage wiring to a dimmer switch or may specified with line voltage dimming. Integral control sensors may be added to the fixture to control on/off for occupancy or configure desired dimming levels. Fixtures may also be controlled for on/off with a room ceiling or wall sensor located preferably near the entrance. 1st source also offers wireless systems for control via remote, PC or mobile device.


What's the difference between flange mount and frame out?

Our Frame Out option is constructed to fit inside a frame built around the fixture which sets inside the opening. All 1st Source frame out fixtures have fastener openings to secure with screw bolts to the existing frame.

Our Flange Mount option is constructed to fit into the existing ceiling cut out. Uni-lug swing arms sandwich the fixture flush to the opening and secure to the top of the hard ceiling.

How do I determine if the new fixture will fit into the existing opening?

The best way is to access the existing fixture for measurements and mounting style. Unfortunately, 1×4, 2×4 and 2×2 sizes are nominal and can vary slightly for each manufacturer. If access is limited or too costly to survey dimensions, 1st Source has several universal and custom fit options that will minimize down time.

What about fixture heat in an enclosed space?

All 1st Source LED Racquetball Court fixtures are constructed of aluminum (superior to steel for heat dissipation), and are thermally tested for proper heat sink to absorb and and disperse heat away from LED diodes and drivers. This is crucial for enclosed recessed installations. A couple of inches of clearance above the fixture is advisable. This allows for the heat transferred from the LED's and drivers to the body to dissipate into the space above. The cooler the fixture operates, the longer the electronic components will last. All of our LED Racquetball Court fixtures have passed stringent thermal testing with CSA. The formal fixture rating is listed as a “Non-IC LED Luminaire” intended for dry/damp troffer locations.

What is the importance of an obscured tempered glass lens?

Tempered glass secures firmly into door the door frame. The lens stays seated during impact and provides true rebound during play. Plastic lenses are more pliable and tend to bend and shift within the frame during impact. We use obscured-diffused tempered glass to minimize glare and disperse light evenly throughout the court.

What color temperature (CCT) is best for racquetball courts?

1st Source recommends 4000K or 5000K for best visual acuity during play.

Is emergency lighting available?

Yes, emergency battery back up drivers may be integrated into our fixtures by request. Typically, (1) fixture per court at 2,900 lumens