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Why Choose LED High Bay Lighting made in the USA?

Key Benefits of Linear LED High Bay Lighting

  • 60% to 70% energy savings over outdated HID and fluorescent lighting
  • Rated life of 100,000 hours greatly reduces maintenance costs
  • Even light distribution and high CRI for better visual acuity
  • Control options include occupancy sensors, dimming and daylight harvesting
  • May be designed for a variety of applications

Energy Efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of LED high bay lighting is energy efficiency. LED lights consume about 80% less energy compared to their traditional counterparts, reducing businesses’ overall energy costs and carbon footprint.

Cost Savings

Although LED high bay lighting is costlier initially, it is a more cost-effective option in the long run. This is because LED lights last up to 25 times longer than traditional lighting, meaning reduced maintenance costs and fewer replacements.

Brighter Light

Compared to other lighting sources, LED high bay lighting provides brighter and more uniform lighting in larger spaces. The bright light improves visibility, reduces the chances of accidents, and enhances workplace safety.


Our LED high bay lighting is built to last, with excellent shock and vibration resistance, making them ideal for harsh industrial settings. Unlike traditional lighting, LED lights are filament-free, meaning they can withstand the harshest of environments.

Environmentally Friendly

LED high bay lighting is an eco-friendly lighting option as it doesn’t contain hazardous materials such as mercury and lead, and they are 100% recyclable. Using this lighting solution reduces businesses’ carbon footprint and helps safeguard the environment.



Our US-made LED high bays have earned a reputation for high quality due to the stringent quality control measures in place. We adhere to specific standards to ensure that products meet market requirements, guaranteeing durability and longevity.

Support for the Local Economy

Opting for our led fixtures promotes the local economy as it helps create employment opportunities and supports American businesses growth.

Compliance with US Regulations

We are committed to ensuring safety and quality. Strict safety and quality regulations are in place, and we adhere to them to maintain consistency in the quality of products released to the market.

Customer Service

Our customer service is unparalleled, one call and we are there! Our clients can rely on reliable post-sale support from 1st Source Lighting, making it a hassle-free experience.

Our Guarantee

1st Source lighting US-made led light fixtures is an ideal option for businesses looking for durable and high-quality lighting solutions. Our products not only guarantee brighter, more uniform illumination but also significantly reduce energy costs. By promoting the local economy, businesses not only enjoy faster delivery times but also contribute to the country’s economic growth. Support US manufacturing and we will support you with a high quality LED fixture, excellent customer service, and piece of mind knowing you made the right choice.