Industrial Grade LED Cold Storage Lighting

Robust Construction for the Harshest Enviroments

-Save energy on your lighting by switching to high output, low wattage LED cold storage lighting.

-Rated down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Sealed fixture options to protect components from harsh freezer environments.

-Designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States.

Fixture Options Available

Motion sensor for LED cold storage lighting

-Wireless dimming controls and factory commissioning.

-Integrated motion sensors that offer adjustable detection area, step dim functions, daylight harvesting, and more.

-Variety of emergency integrated power supplies to meet building code standards.

-Lensing options for high output, glare reduction, aisle, and high light transmittance.

-Color temperatures to match your specific application or request.


LED Cold storage lighting application

-Ideal for cold box applications such as walk in freezers, industrial food storage facilities, distribution facilities, specialty applications, and more.

-LED sealed faced troffers are excellent for hard ceiling applications that require one sided sealed fixtures to maintain the specified environment.